We love this darn town, don't you? From its unique events to its one-of-a-kind.. unmistakable smell. Ah, that smell. (Unfortunately, there's some things we can't clean.)
Live at Five in Town Square Park
Hattiesburg is home to Southern Miss, our beloved alma mater. It's also been the launch pad for talented artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs and a whole lot of dreamers. Freedom Cleaning itself is a dream that was realized, born out of an Accounting 101 class on the USM campus. Basically, anything can happen here. And if you don't believe us, just read the headlines.

There are some truly fantastic folks here. We like to hire them, we like to clean for them, and we like to hang out with them.

If you're new in town and need some help getting your bearings, here are some resources to get you started.

Visit Hattiesburg 
City of Hattiesburg 
Downtown Hattiesburg
University of Southern Mississippi
WDAM - Channel 7
Hattiesburg American (Daily Newspaper)
Hattiesburg Post (Weekly Newspaper)
WUSM - Southern Miss Radio