Thursday, October 19, 2023

Our SPARKLIEST cleaning tools

At Freedom Cleaning, we like to think that cleaning is truly an art, but when it comes to the tools you want on hand, it's more of a science. 

We've been through dozens of products that don't cut it. The items below are some of our absolute favorites that help us get homes their sparkling best, including our own. 

Personally, I use this SWOPT microfiber mop. It's so sturdy. Our preference for mops is a microfiber head that is large, plush and most importantly, machine washable. It's clutch that the attachment style to the mop is not a ton of fuss either, with just one velcro section to attach. (The velcro parts on microfiber mops tend to wear out fast with hot water washes.) For a super fast clean in a large room, I recommend the 24" mop head and for apartments or smaller spaces, the 18" mop head will get the job done quickly. 

I couple this with Bona for hard wood floors or Bona for vinyl/tile for a fresh clean that shines and doesn't overpower like other chemical cleaners. It's safe for kids, pets and is biodegradable. The hardwood floor refinishing companies I've discussed it with stand by Bona for protecting your wood floors over any other product. 

What's key is that it doesn't leave a residue. Store as a concentrate (purchase here) and mix in your own spray bottles. My favorite spray bottle by Zep is below.  Trigger finger fatigue is real, and I've found these bottles avoid it. 

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Freedom Cleaning is now hiring

Don't quite fit in behind a desk?

Freedom Cleaning is now hiring independent contractors! This job is hard work, but it's fun and flexible. 

Requirements: positive attitude, excellent communication skills, tech savvy, ability to move and clean for 4+ hrs at a time and lift cleaning equipment. Reliable transportation, smart phone and internet access are necessary. If you are not prompt, professional, and organized, please do not bother contacting. If you are afraid of dirt, stop reading.

Our work is very physical and makes for an excellent work out. We provide you with the residential cleaning gigs, you provide your own cleaning supplies from our approved non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. If you have a wide open schedule, you can potentially clean daily, Monday thru Friday. After hours and weekend work is very rare.

Pay earned is per job based on experience. Independent contractors are responsible for your own taxes.

Our contractors love the flexibility this work provides and many have called it their favorite job ever. No kidding. Email with resume, references, contact information and daily availability (Monday-Friday). 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tips for keeping your space cleaner longer!

Of course, this is our department and we prefer to take care of the cleaning for you, however, we understand that every home can use a little sprucing between professional cleans. And then there are those times that a hired service is just not in your household budget. We get it!

Here are a few tips that can help your place stay cleaner longer between deep cleans:

1) Keep cleaning supplies as handy as possible. 
Rather than have a centrally-located cleaning supply closet, keep relevant cleaners & supplies near the likely messes, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. The more easily accessible a spray bottle and a rag can be, the less likely you are to have stains that won't budge or forgotten spills.

2) No shoes in the house! 
Go Asian style. Remove your

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Four Springs events we can't wait for!

Yea, it's February but the temp has already warmed up and we're already thinking of what we can possibly plant (and keep alive) before that elusive final freeze of the year. So it's pretty much springtime as far as Hattiesburg is concerned. Here are just a few joyous reasons to keep on smiling through the rest of the cold days.

1) Downtown Hattiesburg Farmers Market - Kicks off on Thursday, March 13 and will take place every Thursday from 3-6 p.m. in Town Square Park until October. Get your fresh veggies, fruits, local art and more. Plus live music and goodies you can eat right away!

2) Live @ 5 - Every Friday in April from 5-9 p.m. at Town Square, catch great local and regional acts for the insane price of absolutely nothing. Kid and pet friendly! Sacred Heart serves up beer and local restaurants dish out your favorites.

3) Hattiesburg Craft Beer Festival - Saturday, April 12 from 1-4 p.m. at the Hattiesburg Train Depot. Sample craft brews from around the country. Do not miss this event in its second year. Was a big hit last year!

4) Bike to Work Day - While we don't have a date on this yet, we look forward to seeing this take place likely in May. Workers of all collars take to the streets on two wheels in an effort to raise biker awareness. And it's just plain fun to let your hair dry naturally on the way to work. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mississippi Coast, we're here to clean you!

Did you know Freedom Cleaning LLC is now serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast? Our natural, non-toxic cleaning company is taking on new residential clients in the Biloxi, Gulfport and Ocean Springs communities. Kerri Inmon, the Hattiesburg Freedom manager, is now training contractors.
We’ve been looking forward to serving the Coast for the past two years. The demand for our cleaning style is there and we’re more than ready to meet that need. Freedom Cleaning is a local, Southern Miss-alumni owned company. We use exclusively environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and methods to tackle dirt.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Green your Giving!

Mary's Gone Crackers-so good!
The weather here in Hattiesburg on a day-to-day basis may suggest otherwise, but it's Christmastime yall! We aren't kids anymore, but there are plenty of reasons to love the holiday season, from good food to gatherings. Spiked apple cider. So many reasons!
But let's face it, Christmas in America is a pretty wasteful event. You have wrapping paper, excessive gifting, holiday traffic, crazy debt spending and more creamy dips than you can shake a gluten-free cracker at.

Side note: While I am not gluten-free, I do recommend Mary's Gone Crackers (shown at right), made of yummy seeds! You can pick them up in downtown Hattiesburg at the New Yokel on Main Street.

So let's take the good and the bad, and talk about how you can make this season more green (and save some too). Here's how to green your giving in 5 easy tips:

1) Say no to paper.
We live in a packaged world. It's a little redundant to take home a product that is probably already protected in plastic and stuffed in a shopping bag and then turn around and wrap that present in more paper for the recipient. Don't get me started on bows!
I get the element of surprise-- but here are some other ways to amp up your big gift reveal.
- Homemade gift bags: For the sew savvy, turn a square of fabric into a cloth version of the classic paper bag. Finish the top edge with pinking shears, fold like a sack lunch. Hole punch two holes thru the top of the bag and tie off with hemp string. These bags can be reused for years to come. You an also purchase reusable cloth bags from retailers and use as gift bags. My personal favorite is the Hattiesburg Farmers Market tote (lined for temperature sensitive items), which is a bonus gift in itself!
- Recycled paper: Pull a few pages of the newspaper from your recycling bin and treat as regular wrapping paper. Be sure to recycle the aftermath.
- Give wine. No one will care that you didn't wrap it. They will be too busy thanking you to notice.
- For a little holiday destressing, try Furoshiki. It's a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can do wonders. Check it out in action here.

2) Recycle your live Christmas tree.
Your gifts have to sit under something, but unfortunately by mid-January all that green has got to go. Don't just throw your live tree to the curb! If you have the means, grind it up for ground cover in your yard. You can also toss the tree in to the bottom of a lake or pond, so it can serve as a prime hiding spot for fishies. And here are some quirky alternatives to the tree itself.

3) Give favors/experiences instead of presents. 
You did it when you were 9, and you can do it again with an adult twist. Hand write a "Gift Certificate" for personal favors, such as "Girls Night, my treat" or "Homemade Steak Dinner Delivered!" Half the fun will be deciding how and when to redeem these goodies!

4) Shop Local. 
When you spend $1 with a local business, you can bet that company reinvests 60 cents back into our community (on average), versus only 6 cents reinvested from that same dollar in a big box store. It's a different type of recycling, but it's a smart way to keep your dollars at home! Don't know where to begin? Try your local Main Street organization. In Hattiesburg, ours is called the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association. These programs usually have a website with an online list of shops and printed brochures so that you can park in one location and walk to several small businesses at once.

5) Buy Freedom! 
Of course, we have to plug ourselves here. Over the next 2 weeks, you'll likely be shopping and cooking and coordinating and merrymaking, meanwhile the house isn't going to clean itself. Dirt is a year round fact, but for some reason, it's extra tenacious when you're trying to entertain. That's why we're here--to lend a cleaning hand and help you regain precious hours of your life. Give us a call to learn how we can help you with a pre- or post-party spruce up, a deep cleaning or regular service.
Freedom Cleaning also offers gift certificates so you can make someone else's life easier (and sparklier) too!