Thursday, October 19, 2023

Our SPARKLIEST cleaning tools

At Freedom Cleaning, we like to think that cleaning is truly an art, but when it comes to the tools you want on hand, it's more of a science. 

We've been through dozens of products that don't cut it. The items below are some of our absolute favorites that help us get homes their sparkling best, including our own. 

Personally, I use this SWOPT microfiber mop. It's so sturdy. Our preference for mops is a microfiber head that is large, plush and most importantly, machine washable. It's clutch that the attachment style to the mop is not a ton of fuss either, with just one velcro section to attach. (The velcro parts on microfiber mops tend to wear out fast with hot water washes.) For a super fast clean in a large room, I recommend the 24" mop head and for apartments or smaller spaces, the 18" mop head will get the job done quickly. 

I couple this with Bona for hard wood floors or Bona for vinyl/tile for a fresh clean that shines and doesn't overpower like other chemical cleaners. It's safe for kids, pets and is biodegradable. The hardwood floor refinishing companies I've discussed it with stand by Bona for protecting your wood floors over any other product. 

What's key is that it doesn't leave a residue. Store as a concentrate (purchase here) and mix in your own spray bottles. My favorite spray bottle by Zep is below.  Trigger finger fatigue is real, and I've found these bottles avoid it. 

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